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Science Spin articles

Articles produced from COFORD-funded research and published in the Science Spin magazine can be downloaded as pdfs:

 32 Estimating timber volumes for multi-purpose forest management using laser technologies (pdf 205Kb)  
 31 Keeping Irish ash trees pure (pdf 806Kb)   
 30 The afforestation of the Bord na Mona cutaway bogs - the BOGFOR project (pdf 1,789Kb)   
 29 Controlling pine weevil with natural enemies (pdf 271Kb)  
 28 The economic benefits of real-time GPS fleet tracking for timber hauliers (pdf 522Kb)   
 27 Mulch mats - a novel way for trees to outgrow weeds (pdf 405Kb)   
 26 The importance of adapting Irish woodlands to climate change (pdf 536Kb) 

 25  Grey invasion (squirrels in Ireland) (pdf 2,070Kb)  
 24  Management for biodiversity in Ireland's contemporary forests (pdf 513Kb)   
 23  Functional biodiversity - understanding how forest ecosystems work (pdf 1,141Kb)   
 22  Managing forests and predicting windthrow risk in Ireland (pdf 1,665Kb)   
 21  Forests, the economy and society (pdf 460Kb)   
 20  New forestry publications from COFORD (pdf 420Kb) 

 19  Ireland's high frontier - epiphytes in plantation forests (pdf 862Kb)   
 18  A new approach to modelling forest growth in Ireland (pdf 702Kb)   
 17  Forests and climate change mitigation and adaptation (pdf 811Kb)   
 16  Wood modification - the alternative to heavy metal impregnation (pdf 758Kb)   
 15  Trees in 3D (pdf 774Kb)