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The Structural Use of Timber - Handbook for Eurocode 5: Part 1-1.

13 April 2018

A new publication The Structural Use of Timber - Handbook for Eurocode 5: Part 1-1 (pdf 1,402Kb)  by Malcolm Jacob, James Harrington and Bill Robinson has recently been published under the COFORD banner. 

Underpinning the use of timber in construction is Eurocode 5 Part 1-1 and associated CEN loading and product standards. Since the first edition of the COFORD Handbook on structural design to Eurocode 5, published in 2006, a large amount of new information has become available which is needed by a structural engineer when designing timber buildings. The many amendments to product standards resulting from the introduction of the Construction Products Regulation in July 2013 are included in this new publication. In addition a strong emphasis has been given to providing more technical information, mainly through tables, in this edition making the handbook more user friendly. Information on cross laminated timber has been added to coincide with the spectacular rise in the use of this wood product in timber construction. Furthermore, a new section gives information on the adhesives and the related product standards which are common to many glued timber products, including CLT.