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Wood Price Quarterly (WPQ) - Private Average Roundwood Prices Received by Private Growers

28 November 2017

The wood price quarterly provides average roundwood prices received by private growers. The WPQ is coordinated by UCD Forestry and the Irish Timber Growers Association.

Contributors are invited to provide private roundwood sales price information for the current quarter to UCD Forestry. All information will be treated as strictly confidential and will be retained within UCD Forestry Section and only compiled average prices will be released. Standard Timber Sales Data Forms for returning private roundwood sales data can be obtained from UCD. Please contact UCD Forestry section at For more information.

Please note prices are intended for general guidance purposes only. These prices are averages derived from data received from a range of growers and potentially include all conifer species and harvest types. It should be noted that roundwood prices will fluctuate over time and from location to location and no liability will be accepted by the Irish Timber Growers Association or UCD Forestry Section for the supply of the price data. All growers are advised to get independent advice in relation to roundwood sales.

Link to Wood Price Quarterly (WPQ)